By:  Elena S. Pelare

The City Social Welfare and Development  (CSWD)  office   has  led the local government  employees  in the distribution  of foods used clothing and  various toys to  around  507 kids  from  the poor families  living in the coastal and urban areas  during the  Pamaskong  Handog  program  of  Mayor Nova Princess  Parojinog-Echavez  held  inside  the Fuerte  dela Concepcion y del Triunfo on the afternoon  of  December 21, 2012.

The Pamaskong Handog program  was  Mayor Nova’s  way  of  sharing  to the under-previlleged  children on  this season  which  was on the original plan  only  foods are to given . However after  meeting of minds  on  making  the event more meaningful for  children  the  employees  from  the  different  departments of  the local and  national  government  had  end up of  a gift  pack  for each children.

The young Lady Mayor  in her message during the program said, she was  touched with what the employees  did  like  cancelling  the department’s Christmas party ,  instead of  preparing foods for the occasion  the  amount  for the affair  were  diverted into a  gift for the children.

She also  emphasized  the efforts of the private groups and individuals’  in reaching  out the  CSWD for their  contritbution to make  Pamaskong Handog a real success.

The Mayor  told the government employees that their act of sharing to the less previllege is a way of thanks giving of being  having  a permanent job.

“I am so much greatful  to the employees of the LGU and the employees of the national government  for  sharing  your   money and efforts to make the  more than  Five Hundred children  felt  the spirit of Christmas thru the small  valuable things you  wraped  into a gift.  I hope that  with what we did, you appreciate more  and realized   how   previlleged you are   being a  government employees , “ the Lady Mayor said.

The Mayor also made the  an earlier announcement  on her  personal Christmas gift for the government employees including the members of the  Traffic Management Unit, permanent casuals at the Slaughterhouse,  Garbage collerctor and Street sweepers  a 25-kilo of rice.




Ozamiz City is one of the three cities of the province of Misamis Occidental in a region of the Philippines called Northern Mindanao. It is found in the southeastern end of the fan-shaped province, strategically located on the eastern side of the merging point of two water bodies, the Panguil Bay and Iligan Bay. It has an estimated land area of 16,407 hectares. The city has a generally flat to rolling terrain but the imposing 7,956 foot Malindang Mountain dominates the view of the city. Towards the North is the Municipality of Clarin; on the South is the City of Tangub; on the East are IIigan Bay and Panguil Bay; and to the West is the Municipality of Don Victoriano.