Investment Incentives

To attract businesses and investors to the city, the Ozamiz City government provides convenience and speedy processing of documents and papers through it’s One-Stop Shop investment office as well as attractive tax incentives as provided in City Ordinance No. 819 otherwise known as Ozamiz City Tax Code of 1994.

For Enterprises Located Outside of the Industrial Estate

Enterprises outside of the designated Industrial Estate with capitalization of Php 500 thousand and above and employing a minimum of 10 workers are entitled to the following tax incentives for three (3) years from date of registration:

  1. Fifty percent (50 percent) reduction of the Tax on Business imposed in Section 23 of the “Ozamiz City Tax Code of 1994″.
  2. Fifty percent (50 percent) reduction of Tax on billboards, signboards and advertisements imposed in Section 37 of the “Ozamiz City Tax Code of 1994″.
  3. Fifty percent (50 percent) reduction of the Tax for delivery trucks imposed in Section 46 of the “Ozamiz City Tax Code of 1994″.
  4. Fifty percent (50 percent) reduction of Regular Garbage Fees imposed in Section 690 of the “Ozamiz City Tax Code of 1994″.

Enterprise Located within the Industrial Estate

  1. Exemption from payment of the taxes referred to in Section 14 (a) hereof, for the first (5) years from date of registration.
  2. Tax incentives referred to in section 14 (a) for the sixth to tenth year from date of registration.


Preferred Investment Areas

The following business and economic activities are promoted by the city government:



Gift, Toys and Housewares Handicrafts

Coconut coir

Products, Bamboo, Curtain,

Stuff Toys

Garment Textile Garment Making

Loom Weaving

Furniture and Wood Products Wooden Furniture and Fixtures

Rattan Furniture


Marine and Aquaculture Prawn Farming

Sea Weed Culture

Shell Farming

Bangus Farming

Fry Bank

Crab Fattening

Ceramics Pottery

Structural Ceramics

Processed Food and Beverage Fruit Processing

Integrated Coco Processing

Rubber & Rubber Products Tire Recapping


Cost of Doing Business

Daily Minimum Wage

Including COLA effective May 1, 2002

Non Agricultural = Php 192.00 — Php 222.00
Agricultural = Php 182.00 — Php 212.00

Water Rates


USER TYPE ( in pesos )

Residential / Government

Commercial / Industrial

Wholesale / Bulk

Basic Charge
based on diameter of pipe

One-half inch (1½”)

One inch (1″)

Three-fourth inch (3¾”)

Two inches (2″)








11 “ 20 cubic meters 14.00 28.00 42.00
21 “ 30 cubic meters 15.00 31.00 46.50
31 “ 40 cubic meters 17.75 35.00 53.25
41 “ 50 cubic meters 20.00 40.00 60.00
51 up 45.00 67.50

Power Rates





Public Buildings


Minimum Consumption
Consumption (kwh) 1-14 1-25 1-15
Bill (Php) 57.33 111.00 66.00
Excess Consumption
Bill (Php per kwh) 4.10 4.40 4.40
Demand Charge
Energy Charge 4.40


Finance and Credit Facilities


Private and public banks service the banking needs of industry, government and the community offering a whole range of services.



1 Equitable PCI Bank Rizal Avenue
2 1st E Bank Rizal Avenue
3 Philippine Farmer’s Bank Rizal Avenue
4 Rural Bank of Tangub Rizal Avenue
5 Metro Bank Rizal Avenue
6 Allied Bank Burgos Street
7 China Bank Burgos Street
8 Bank of Philippine Islands – Far East Burgos Street
9 Metro Bank – Solid Burgos Street
10 United Coconut Planters Bank Rizal Avenue
11 Rural Bank of Ozamiz Rizal Avenue
12 First Consolidated Bank DABA
13 Kapatagan Valley Bank DABA
14 Panguil Bay Rural Bank DABA
15 Mindanao Development Bank DABA
16 Philippine National Bank Rizal Avenue
17 AMA Bank DABA
18 Central Bank DABA
19 Land Bank of the Philippines DABA
20 Development Bank of the Philippines Burgos – Zamora Streets

Insurance Companies



1 Country Bankers Insurance Corp. Rizal Avenue – Capistrano Streets
2 Great Pacific Life Assurance Corp. Rizal Avenue – Washington Streets
3 Philam Insurance Co. Inc. Rizal Avenue
4 Pacific Plans Rizal Avenue
5 Pet Pension Plans Rizal Avenue
6 Philam Life Insurance Corp. Burgos Street
7 Ayala Life Assurance Rizal Avenue
8 Capital Insurance & Surety Corp. Inc. Zamora Street
9 Pryce Plans Inc. Rizal Avenue
10 Merchantile Insurance Co. Inc. Rizal Avenue
11 Loyola Life Plans Inc. Rizal Avenue
12 College Assurance Plan Phils Inc. DABA
13 Malayan Insurance Cebedo Street
14 Phil. Asin Care Plans Inc. Port Road
15 Platinum Plans Phils. Inc. Rizal Avenue
16 Fil- Guam Union Insurance Agency Inc. Rizal Avenue
17 Philam Plans Inc. Bernad Avenue
18 Professional Group Plans Inc. Gallardo Street
19 Prudential Life Plans Inc. Valconcha
20 St. Peter Life PLan Rizal Avenue
21 Standard Insurance Co. Inc. Rizal Avenue
22 Insular Life Assurance Co. Ltd. Bernad Avenue
23 Wellington Insurance
24 Zenith Insurance Rizal Avenue
25 Times Insurance
26 Great Domestic Insurance Co. of the
Rizal Avenue
27 Cocolife Insurance Rizal Avenue
28 Caritas Health Shied Rizal Avenue
29 R.P. Villa Insurance Services Rizal Avenue
30 Country Bankers Inc. Rizal Avenue
31 Paramount Insurance Co. Rizal Avenue
32 Sterling Insurance Co. Inc.