The City Government of Ozamiz represented by Hon. Mayor Nova Princess E. Parojinog-Echavez has entered into a Memorandum of Agreement with the Local Government Academy-DILG   represented by  Executive Director Marivel C. Sacendoncillo during the MDG-FACES First Business Meeting at  the Bayview Park Hotel, Roxas Boulevard, Manila on May 30, 2012 to implement the MDG-FACES Project. The city has been selected by LGA-DILG as one of the  sixteen (16)  additional cities nationwide to participate in the 2012 MDG FACES Project 2ND National Roll Out.

The Millennium Development Goals- Family-based Actions on Children and their Environs in the Slums (MDG-FACES) Project puts a human face in the MDG processes as against statistics and numbers. The human face of poverty is best manifested among children in the slums. By focusing on the children, they become the axis of change that helps trigger impact on the household as a whole and slum community at large.

This is just one of national government’s laudable efforts in localizing the achievement of the eight (8) Millennium Development Goals. Moreover, this project empowers local government units (LGU) to be dynamic partners of the National Government in responding the challenges of the MDGs.  It focuses on improving the   lives of  the 20 boys and 20 girls from urban poor households. Two adjacent Barangays Dona Consuelo and San Antonio were chosen as the recipients of this project.  Mothers of the children beneficiaries are the project partners of the City Core Team in the project implementation

To commence the work City Mayor Echavez created the City  Faces Project Monitoring Board. (PMB) and the FACES TWG  through Executive Order No. 22. The PMB is responsible for the over-all supervision of the implementation of the project and the TWG will assist the City FACES Project Management Board in the community action planning in their areas of concern. The implementation team are from  the CSWD, CHO, City Engineer’s Office, PESO, City Agriculture, City Planning, City Registrars, DEP ED and the like. The City Social Welfare Development Officer is the focal person of this endeavor.

Some of the activities implemented from June to October:

  • MDG Pledge of Commitment Ceremony
  • Conducted orientation to the mothers of the children beneficiaries on the different programs and services of the LGU
  • Distribution of vegetable seeds, organic fertilizers and garden soil for backyard gardening
  • Livelihood Skills Training –dishwashing liquid soap
  • Minor House Repairs
  • Facilitated Registrations for children beneficiaries who are not yet Registered

This is a 6 months duration project and the FACES TWG is conducting regular monitoring and evaluation through meetings and  home visitations to make sure that the beneficiary community and families are making significant progress vis a vis the aims of the project.